Fast Food Nation

Once in a blue moon I’ll eat fried fish.  Trying to eat authentic Southern food, I had fried catfish in
South Carolina a couple years ago.  I had the fish and chips at Norma’s (fried lobster and Chilean sea bass before I knew Chilean sea bass was in danger of being overfished).  And I always remember, when the fishiness and batter overwhelms what should be a light and flaky treat, and when I feel that heaviness inside my stomach, that I really don’t like fried fish.


Except at Eamann’s, A Dublin Chipper.  It’s our new fast food restaurant of choice.  See, the fish is fresh, the batter light.  You can taste the sweet, light cod (they also offer a fish of the day, catfish the day I got it), which can be cut with the plastic fork they give you.


That’s right, a plastic fork.  No plates, either.  Your food comes out in a big paper bag, and the fish and the fries are in smaller wax paper bags, pretty much the way any fast food place would give you your food.  (Interestingly enough, Eamonn’s is the brother restaurant to Restaurant Eve, a really good French place around the corner.  Eve was named after the chef’s daughter, Eamonn’s after his son.)


There are maybe four large tables in the restaurant, plus a couple stools at a bar in the back.  Unless your group is really big, you’ll share a table with complete strangers.  You might speak to them (especially if they have an 2-year-old who’s interested in your 18-month-old), but once the food comes, it’s all about the fish.


The best part, in my opinion, are the dipping sauces.  You’ve got your standard tartar sauce, although by “standard,” I mean unlike any tartar sauce I’ve tried.  They also have a curry sauce, a tapenade, and others, all made fresh at Restaurant Eve and brought over daily.


Jamie disagrees with me, though.  She thinks the donut holes (or “Dough Balls,” as they’re called on the menu) are the stand-out item on the menu.


As a warning, everything Eamonn’s serves is fried.  You can get fried candy bars for dessert (we haven’t yet).  They offer a burger, but it comes bunless.  Instead, it’s battered and fried.  We also haven’t tried the burger yet.  Frankly, why bother?  The fish is so good, it renders anything else (except maybe the Dough Balls) (oh, and the fries are pretty good, too, dipped in any of the sauces or the malt vinegar they have at every table) superfluous.


We’ve eaten there three times now.  And I don’t even like fast food.

4 Responses to Fast Food Nation

  1. Evan says:

    Dang. I am so craving some good fish ‘n’ chips at the moment. When you mentioned the malt vinegar, my tastebuds went into overdrive and sent messages to the salivary glands to kick in. Due to dietary restrictions, however, I will be limited to a green salad with dry chicken, and an ultra-light oil and vinegar dressing. I can still dream though…

  2. […] Cathal Armstrong, the chef and proprietor of Restaurant Eve, is also the owner of Eamann’s.  So he’s easily two for two, mastering the high- and the […]

  3. I remember some places like that in San Francisco from our last visit.

    They are neat.

  4. annegb says:

    I love fast food. I love Taco Time and Arby’s french dip and a big hamburger at Wendy’s and Burger King has the best fish sandwich. I accepted it a couple of weeks ago and now I don’t feel so guilty about it.

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