Placeholder: Evening Star Café

It’s probably not fair to review a restaurant more than two weeks after I ate there—by now I’ve forgotten the subtleties that made it what it was.  So consider this a broad-brush painting, a placeholder until I eat there again.


Jamie and Jane got back from
South Carolina on Tuesday, so she thought all three of us should go out for my birthday Wednesday.  We didn’t want to eat at Bertucci’s, a pretty good pizza chain in Old Town, and our usual family destination, and I didn’t know what was and what wasn’t family friendly, so we decided to drive to Del Ray, a neighborhood just north of Old Town where, we’ve heard, everybody knows everybody else and there’s a happening downtown, and see what we could find.


What we found was the Evening Star Café.  I’d heard of it,[1] but decided against it because it didn’t seem, well, child-oriented.  But we saw a mom and a little girl not much bigger than Jane, so we went in.


Our timing was impeccable.  A booth had just opened up, and within five minutes we were seated.  Jamie and I ordered lemonade, with a milk for Jane, and then got into the menu.  I started with the cured salmon panzanella, while Jamie and Jane split the smoked duck spring rolls.  As an entrée, I had the seared sea scallops and Jamie had the salmon.


The verdict: we’d go back.  The food is legitimately good, but the restaurant was loud enough that Jane didn’t disturb anybody.  She wasn’t the only small child,  but we didn’t notice any of the others.


My only substantive complaint—the portions are too big.  The best restaurants I’ve eaten at perfectly size their portions so that I’m full, but not stuffed, at the end of three courses.  At the Evening Star Café, I could barely finish the appetizer and entrée, and neither of us had room for dessert.  A small complaint, I know, but the food was good enough, and presented will enough, that it deserved a better portion size.


[1] I like the restaurant’s name for obvious reasons.

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